Linda Joyce

International Life Coach, Astrologer and Author

Linda Joyce is a woman of many talents: writer, lecturer, life-coach and astrologer. Her vast experience has taken her into the global arena where she solves personal and corporate issues in New York, London, Shanghai and around the world. “Identify the problem and a solution is not far behind.”

Joyce is a one-woman powerhouse for people looking for a pragmatic strategy to solving difficult personal and professional problems. Ms. Joyce’s clientele includes well-known celebrities and international business titans who are not afraid of an innovative approach to solutions. Author of two books, The Day You Were Born and The Star Within, she is about to publish The Man Thing, One Hundred Interviews With MenA groundbreaking book, her five-year project is about to start a controversial conversation. Featured in major magazines and newspapers such as The Financial Times, Tatler and English Vogue, she has recently contributed to articles in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, The Observer, Bustle and Romper to name just a few. She believes that the right question can change your consciousness faster than any pat answer because it keeps digging and challenging your beliefs and fears. Ms. Joyce will be writing a column for The Hollywood Times in June. 




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 How Astrology Changed My Life  

So many people ask me how did I get involved with astrology and what made me pursue it as a profession. The truth is, it found me. A friend had gone to see a Dutch astrologer named Peter Devries and suggested I might enjoy it. A mentally under-challenged housewife, I went for fun and I left with tears in my eyes. It shook the core of my being and changed me because this total stranger knew me better than anyone else. He expressed my hidden dreams, proclaimed I had a brain, and identified the fears that held me back. The only explanation that came to mind was there had to be a grand plan and if there was one, then there also had to be a God. I began to see the world and myself differently, but I needed to understand it more. I hired Peter to give me private lessons. He used to tell me I would become an astrologer and make money at it. I thought he was crazy.

At first, I had to learn the basics and as I did, I began to see the worldconnected instead of separate. The journey from Aries to Pisces became Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey.” It helped me understand myself and the world I had to navigate; I became more tolerant and patience because I had added the missing ingredient for confidence and strength – faith. When I started to do readings for others I wanted them to have a similar experience. I hoped that they would realize that they were not alone; that life had a purpose and the things that they were struggling with were there for a reason – they were there to make them wiser and stronger.  

Astrology gave me a map of my talents and challenges. I read for friends and family at first, then I found myself going through a divorce and I needed to make money, so I turned professional. As my clientele grew, I realized that it wasn’t enough to identify what wasn’t working, I needed to show them how to change. And thus life-coaching was born. When I wrote my first book “The Day You Were Born,”I realized that each sun sign had a set of skills and if you didn’t learn them, then other parts of you would have to compensate for whatever was missing. When one part becomes overloaded for too long, it goes into a crisis. I  quickly realized that the root of most evils was the inability to say “no.” This is the lesson of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. People avoid the word “no” because it’s confrontational. To say it, one needs to risk being rejected or disappointing someone they care about. So, the fear of abandonment is a deterrent to self-growth. 

I hope you will consider studying astrology just for fun. I love to teach it so if you’re interested send me an email. I do offer workshops on occasion, but mainly I do personal readings. If you decide to book one, I guarantee that I will do my best to help you understand just how special and powerful you truly are. 



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