How Mercury Retrograde In March 2018 Will Affect Your Sex Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign


If you're like me, several times a year you may hear people blame everything, from spilling coffee on their white button-down to their flight being cancelled at the last minute, on Mercury going retrograde. From the way people spoke about it, I always treated Mercury retrograde like an urban myth: a Big Foot of sorts, with the power to come into your life and seriously stir the pot. But as it turns out, Mercury retrograde can feel too real, and some signs will feel March 2018's Mercury retrograde more than others — even when it comes to their sex lives.

Mercury retrograde is a much simpler concept than most realize: it refers to when a planet appears to be orbiting backwards instead of forwards. As it suggests a sort of deviation from the norm, people have suggested that Mercury retrograde is the universe's way of throwing everything into reverse. That's why when things get a little kooky, people are quick to blame Mercury being retrograde; it's a form of universal angst.

If you're concerned that Mercury retrograde might push your sex life in an absurd direction, Linda Joyce, an expert astrologer, has some tips for what each sign should watch out for in the bedroom during this spring's Mercury retrograde.


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