These Are The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have A Personality Disorder


Linda Joyce, a life coach, author, and astrologer, tells Romper that mutable sign Virgo is one of the ones that could potentially be more likely to have a personality disorder. Because Virgo is a sign that can sometimes deal with obsession, things can get complicated depending upon how it's dealt with. "The obsessive side of Virgo is really about focusing and pushing yourself past your fear boundaries," she says. "So you can either push past the fear boundaries in a very positive way that allows you to take a risk in life and learn more, grow more, be more empowered, and learn your own skills, or you can push down an avenue that doesn’t even exist, but you want it to, and create a false reality that you live in. And we all have these in pieces, it’s just when somebody gets these too put together in an extreme."


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Astrological signs with personality disorders - Linda Joyce