The Sexual Psyche of an AQUARIUS

Air\Fixed\Yang Energy 


Aquarius is the sign of individuality, uniqueness, freedom of spirit and the higher mind. The higher mind is an intellect that is based not just on facts, but on a wise and intuitive heart. Our higher mind does not let fear close it down or over-protect us; on the contrary, it meets its foe with great faith that there is a solution. Eager to learn and discover new and better ways to approach love and life, the Aquarius has learned to find answers by using the building blocks of the universe: love, truth, hope and miracles.

Yes, miracles are nothing more than love in motion. And when Aquarians get moving, they stir things up because they are not afraid to offer the darkest place in you a bit of light and love. Because they were born believing in the “one heart” philosophy, they are able to express their individuality and uniqueness without feeling as if they won’t fit in. In fact, they strive to be different. It doesn’t matter if that’s achieved by dyeing their hair blue, or by wearing their dress inside out with accessories made with their own little hands, the last thing in the world they want is to be a carbon copy. Their gift of identity allows them to connect more deeply with those who have lost their sense of self, and help them reconnect to their gifts and confidence.

Aquarians go beyond worldly laws and adopt the universal guidelines of social behavior - respect yourself and others - and when you do, everything else falls into place. Their commitment to equality and justice is legendary. So you will find them at the forefront of causes such as global warming or on the battlefield fighting for endangered species. This is their passion and so inspiration comes easily because they are coming from their heart. Gathering others around an issue for support is what they do best. Aquarians have found the key to magic: it's love. The problem is that this unconditional love often makes them attracted to the outsider; they love lost souls who are lonely and shy. If the Aquarius does not know how to put itself first, if it tries to rescue others, then their little black book will not be something to brag about. They need to learn that it is totally okay to love someone who needs love, but they have to be able to return love to you. If not, the Aquarius will eventually be depleted. 

When it comes to sex, this air sign is either very connected to its passion, able to lose itself in its deepest, darkest feelings and express them with lust and gusto, or they can be withdrawn and withholding, or a total slave to their partner’s needs. But do take note, when they love you, it is with all of their heart; you will not find a more generous soul in the whole universe. However, if they are going to be happy rather than just make someone else happy, they also have to learn how to love themselves too.

Note to female Aquarians: Having such a loving heart will get you into trouble unless you learn to stop rescuing someone who is not interested in helping themselves. Embrace the masculine ability to stand alone and be oneself and your heart will keep you connected to love and the world.

Aquarius sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology