The Sexual Psyche of an ARIES

Fire\Cardinal\Yang Energy


Intense, confident, naturally sensual and incredibly quick and smart, these are the qualities that await you if you lock eyes with an Aries at a party or accept a drink at your local pub or bar. If the Aries is a female, she may still be the aggressor because this fire sign doesn’t want to wait for anyone. If they like you, you know it. No mystery here. Aries represents the union of heaven and earth, the highest ideals and the most basic of our animal instincts. They strive to be the heroes of the universe improving the world, often at the sacrifice of their own personal dreams.

Those that choose to follow their higher selves struggle with their earthly desires, which they judge as unworthy. However, this is their challenge: to accept all of themselves and not just the parts that get approval. The inner struggle to harness these two extremes creates their intense nature, their drive to conquer and yes, it gives them an edge, one that creates sparks as well as tension and competition. Their need to be seen as the best in your eyes sets off their dance of seduction, a non-stop quest to win you over in spite of any resistance. They’re exciting because “no” is non-existent and their instinctual nature can zero in past your fears and follies and touch the core of your being with one quick glance.

However, the dance outside the bedroom door is different from the one inside, for once you surrender to them they change the game and instead of the warrior you have a loving servant, eager to please and bring you to ecstasy. As eager as they were to oppose and prove themselves in the world, in the bedroom you are their master. It is through sex that the battle of opposites within them ends. In fact, it is their so called lower instinctual self that they have judged as negative, that emerges as the leader, connecting the Aries and its partner to all the physical joys that can only be reached by those willing to shed shame and self-consciousness in a quest for physical fulfillment. 

A note to Aries females. The masculine sign of Aries demands that even the females learn how to assert themselves, be competitive and not be afraid to feel special at whatever they are good at. If they repress their assertive side they will find themselves attracted to a partner who has these qualities in excess. When the feminine can own all of who they are then they find balance and happiness. 

Aries sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology