The Sexual Psyche of a CANCER

Water\Cardinal\Yin Energy


Sensitive, psychic, creative, mysterious and stubborn, the Cancer feels that they are different than others at a very early age. Unable to express their feelings of separateness, they can easily believe that there is something missing in them. The truth is, they are just more conscious than most and acutely sensitive to their environment, which creates the need for them to escape into their own inner world. This attention to their feelings makes them seem weak, but that’s a total misconception, they just rely on different strengths – those of their spirit. Their psychic nature allows them to feel what you are feeling and so compassion is brought into the picture. Thus, don’t dismiss a Cancer too easily, they are great lovers. Not only are they romantic and idealistic, but they have a silent power and ability to truly be intimate. In fact, they find their way into your soul, with or without your consent.

Because they are struggling with their own uniqueness, they love others who can express their oddities and differences with ease. The more you don’t fit into the collective image, the more interested they will be. So whatever you do, don’t hide what makes you different, share with them your belief in astrology or the spirit world. They may pretend to judge it, but they’ll want to know more. And if you have the courage to stand up to them and share your truth, if you are not interested in pleasing others, but know how to please yourself, then they’ll find you very attractive indeed. And don’t be afraid to be tough with them, even though they appear to be sensitive and meek. That’s just the shell; they’re truly stubborn and strong. And so it is in the bedroom where the Cancer may first experience their yearning for oneness; where their sense of separateness begins to dissolve.

In an atmosphere of vulnerability, their acute sensitivity comes in handy – they feel their partner’s desires and passion and this increases their own. This ability to connect and hold on to a feeling or an emotion and increase it by sharing it becomes a magical experience. In the ether of the night, they can create a feeling of wholeness. Yes, sex for a Cancer is often lifted above and beyond the physical plane and into the realm of the spiritual. So don’t expect to have sex with just a human being, your Cancer partner is part angel.

Note to Male Cancers: It is more challenging for a man to honor his sensitive nature and see it as powerful, but when he can, he connects to his power. Men are asked to enter their wounds and accept their vulnerability since this is the source of one's strength and creativity.


Cancer sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology