The Sexual Psyche of a CAPRICORN

Earth\Cardinal\Yang Energy 


Persevering, loyal, strong and goal-oriented, these souls have a yearning for adventure and power; they want to reach the apex of the mountain, not just the top. Their quest doesn’t end when they succeed in the world, on the contrary, their aim is to reach above the clouds and get help from above. This is the sign that wants it all: inner happiness, outer success, physical health and a consciousness that is awakened to the knowledge that each of us has a purpose to give back to our community in some way.

Not all Capricorns get beyond the power quest and some are stuck trying to acquire as many “things” as possible. However, what they don’t know is the only way they can fill the dissatisfaction they feel inside is by what they give away, not by what they earn or gather. In order to accomplish this daunting task, they must unify body, mind and spirit around a common goal. The mind needs a challenge to engage and hone it; the spirit or heart must learn self-discipline, and the body needs exercise and relaxation in order to stay healthy and strong. The greatest obstacle of this unified effort comes from their struggle with authority and the rules of society. Torn between wanting to be respected and fit in, and not caring at all what others think, the Capricorn needs to find a way to integrate its wild instinctive side with restrictions that are beneficial to its purpose. Limitations are there for a reason. Boundaries create resistance and resistance is needed to bring out one's talent and light. Without resistance we don’t learn about ourselves and what we are truly capable of accomplishing. Once the Capricorn's inner strength is greater than the outer walls of fear, the walls crumble and the path is clear. Thus each step the Capricorn struggles with builds power, focus, and commitment and so the end result is achieved one step at a time.

So it is only in the bedroom that the Capricorn experiences the freedom of pleasure, and it melts into love, losing its total self to the process. This ability to surrender to pleasure and joy, to give their all to a moment without judgment, is what makes them so sexy and in demand. As the last of the earth signs, the Capricorn has refined its pleasures, it’s not enough to just have sex and reach an orgasm, it wants to enjoy the whole process, it wants to savor certain moments, repeat particular feelings, and enjoy your joy. Thus from seduction to surrender they are committed to the whole process, enjoying each moment along the way.

Note to Female Capricorns: The masculine principle of power in the world is strong here but it is blended with the feminine principles of receptivity and values. As a woman you can take your place in the boardroom, but don’t give up on your values, your caution and instincts. These are what our leaders need to rule well.

Capricorn sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology