The Sexual Psyche of a GEMINI

Air\Mutable\Yang Energy


Versatile, adaptive, playful, and eternally restless, Geminis are the connectors of the universe, they link others to new ideas, resources, people -- anything we need to move forward. Their challenge is to balance their lives between their fantasies and reality, between their responsibility to themselves and to others. This feeling of being divided in everything they do leaves them exhausted and underappreciated. In order to make the shift to unity and a sense of wholeness, they need to separate their truth from fantasy – they have to bring the people they look up to or idealize down to human dimensions so that they themselves can reach for the stars. However, it is exactly this quality that gives them their romantic side; they are amazing at shutting out the world and creating a mood or environment that includes only the two of you. They can turn a simple evening into a memorable one: the fire place burning, champagne, dinner together on the floor, music playing in the background and the phones turned off. They love to lose themselves in images and dreams.

So if you want to seduce your Gemini, all you have to do is create an atmosphere they can’t say no to. Dress the part, down to the underwear and Brazil waxing, and you’re ready for your date. They’ll appreciate the details, the single flower in a vase, your nails perfectly manicured, and their favorites on the dinner menu – there is not much that their critical eye won’t miss.  They know more than any other sign that it is the little things in life that make it worth living.

If mood is not your thing then you can also intrigue them with adventure. They love to explore new places and learn something new.  So take them on a hike, or sign up for a cooking course or a wine tasting event, when you can combine spending time together and learning something new, you’ll hold their interest, because no Gemini is satisfied when they are not doing at least two things at once.

Note to both male and female Gemini: There is a hydrogenous element to Gemini, because differences between the sexes have more to do with ideas and action than physical appearance. So this is where equality is possible: a female can have strong opinions and take on great responsibility and a man can choose to just play with life; it’s up to each individual.   

Gemini sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology