The Sexual Psyche of a LEO

Fire\Fixed\Yang Energy


Strong, charismatic and eager to get ahead, this sun sign is known for being successful because they work hard at being the best. Commitment is an issue as well as their obsession with strength. Besides filling up the exercise clubs with their perfect, well-honed bodies, they are known to put aside their emotions in order to feel in control. And yet, when they are connected to their heart and not their pay check, they are one of the most generous and loving of all the signs and yes, they always love a good time. In fact they’re the first to throw you a birthday party at the office, or organize the after hours drinks.  And if you catch their eye, they’ll win you over with their immense charm and ability to focus all that attention on you. The danger many Leos face is living a compartmentalized life. They work hard and play hard but seldom bring the two together. This becomes less of an issue when they find their passion and are doing the work they love. When they don’t have to escape after a hard day’s work, then they are less fearful of making a commitment because they already feel free. 

Once the Leo knows its passion, then they are ready for anything life has to offer. They love a good challenge in the bedroom as well as in life. And so if you catch a Leo’s eye at a party, don’t be surprised if they come on strong, and make you feel as if their life is over if you don’t accept their love and devotion. If you do go home with them, you won’t regret the night, but you might be upset with what happens next. Once they win you over they often move on and yes they can be quite cold about it. When they let go, they’re gone. Forget the texting and the calls; you’re no longer on their radar.

So don’t get swept off your feet when a Leo turns on the charm, they’re used to getting what they want and then deciding if they want it. Their ability to connect to your inner yearnings and dreams helps them create an instant feeling of oneness, and so it’s hard to say no. And they are great lovers because of their ability to totally surrender to you. When they’re yours, they are yours a hundred percent and that’s why it is so difficult to believe that they can also withdraw so completely – but they can. Their ability to be totally present in sex is what parts the sea and makes the magic happen. 

A note to Leo females:  If you find that you are not as competitive and driven as the sign indicates, then know that you are projecting these talents onto a partner. Don’t be surprised if you fall for someone with a strong ego and the desire to be the best. If this is comfortable for you that’s wonderful; if you secretly long to be the center of attention or the best at what you do then go for it and stop trying to be anything other than who you are.

Leo sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology