The Sexual Psyche of a LIBRA

Air\Cardinal\Yang Energy


Libras are torn between the desire to pursue personal happiness and a greater cause, one that would make a difference in the lives of others. Very aware of their own suffering, filled with compassion for those with less, they seek to lift others up through shedding some light where only darkness exists. This desire to serve often gets them into trouble for they can choose harmony and peace over truth, in an attempt to keep everyone happy. Thus, they often protect others from their own truth and in so doing frustration and anger are held inside. Experience will teach them that nothing is avoided and when things are dealt with early on, they are easier to resolve. By denying the truth or by having the truth denied them, the Libra learns its value, and becomes a champion of it in the world. They are our leaders, souls strong enough to take a stand for what they feel is fair and just. As the ruler of the house of relationships, this is where equality is possible in a partnership.

Yes, two people can share love and responsibility without giving up their individuality. However the mistake most Libras make is getting stuck in fairness, instead of just seeing the facts (on both sides) and making a decision. Nothing is fair and equal all the time; things get balanced over time. So when you meet your Libra at a party, don’t be afraid to let them know you like them. They’ll be weighing in their minds whether or not you’ll reject them if they ask you out. So end their misery by telling them what you want and when you want it. Yes, make the date yourself.

It’s important for you and your Libra to share a vision. In fact, it’s essential to long term success. The Libra needs more than the physical to hold it to a commitment, so when your passions lay on the same path, the bond is strong and lasting. When it comes to sex, they can be both assertive and gentle, it is their mind that gets in the way. They worry about everything, and one of those worries is about the lasting quality of love. Thus, it is through sex that they realize that love is limitless, and that the more they give it away the more love they feel.  Yes, love is the gift that keeps on giving. And the Libra is the sign that will bring this gift to you.

Note to female Libras: The female is asked to be a leader, to have a voice, to use her strengths and talents to make a difference in the world. To embrace this kind of strength requires one to let go of having to please others first. Sometimes a good storm of truth is the best way to achieve peace.

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