The Sexual Psyche of a PISCES

Water\Mutable\Yin Energy 


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and thus it has the greatest challenge: what you believe in, you create with ease; lose faith and everything falls apart.  The Pisces is faced with endless possibilities, and their only guidance is their instincts and their inner voice. It is essential that they believe in their dreams and their passions, otherwise they will wait for others to give them the “okay” -- and this rarely happens. You see, it’s the Pisces lesson; they must take the first steps alone and once they do, then others arrive to support them and these souls are often strangers, rather than family members. After all they are a child of the universe, so they shouldn’t limit themselves to just what’s around them. So stop waiting for life to happen and YOU make it happen. Have faith in yourself and your goals. 

It’s very important for the Pisces to separate itself and its desire from others or the masses. Find out who you are, what makes you unique by owning your passions and letting them lead. This is the best way to keep yourself from feeling like a victim. Yes, you need to feel as if you are special, if you don’t, you’ll surround yourself with souls who agree with you. Without a feeling of worthiness you will spend your life helping others manifest their dreams instead of pursuing your own.  A happy Pisces is one who is connected to the spiritual world as much as the “real” one. If their values are all based on fame and fortune then they may be successful but they won’t be happy. Without the ability to use their spirit to create their dreams, they will find life meaningless and very disappointing.

So when you meet your Pisces, don’t be surprised if they seem available and distant at the same time. When you’ve got a foot in both worlds (heaven and earth), it creates a sense of mystery. They are so instinctual they can become what you want them to be, and hopefully they have a sense of self to return to. Without faith in who they are and what they have to offer the world, they’ll be looking for someone to rescue them from their life, or they’ll seek to serve you in yours. I know that may sound enticing, but when someone else is unhappy, it does eventually dampen your own joy.  And so it is in the bedroom or through sex that the Pisces first experiences their sense of separateness dissolve and wholeness manifest. There is no longer a you or me, just one heart and one goal and yes, one pleasure. In this moment of unity and surrender, the vision of oneself in the world is altered forever. Now that’s an orgasm! 

Note to male Pisces: It’s always more challenging for a man to let go of worldly success and attach himself to spiritual pursuits. However, the more you can, the more rewarding life will be. This is a sign of faith – what you believe you create. Lose faith and you can easily be a victim.




Pisces Sexual Psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology