The Sexual Psyche of a SAGITTARIUS

Earth\Cardinal\Yang Energy 


Sagittarians are special people; they love it when they are presented with an impossible problem because they so enjoy solving complex puzzles; it strengthens their mind. And a strong mind is what they have. Gifted with irony and wit -- the sword of this fire sign is the word; they are masters of it and when faced with an opponent, they can cut them to pieces just by opening their mouth.  Drawn to whatever strengthens them, they love to travel, place themselves in new and difficult situations, and they accept struggle and rejection as part of the journey. You’re not going to discourage this sun sign by telling them to get lost or that they have no talent, they believe in themselves, and when you have that kind of faith, you don’t need anyone else.  They have a gift of seeing the truth, they sense it, feel it, know it, wherever it is hiding. And since truth is easier to recognize unencumbered, they reach for the unknown, because that is where it is seen without the camouflage. Their talent is learning from everyone and everything around them.

Their motto is Buddha’s words: “There are no friends or enemies, only teachers.” It’s their positive thinking that gets them through the tough moments in life; they have learned how to wrap uplifting ideas and ideals around them for support. This shield of light keeps their own doubts from getting too close to their heart, and so they stay strong from within. 

So when you meet your Sadge, don’t be surprised if you’re fascinated by their stories, struck by their wit, and amazed by their life experiences, they don’t believe in playing it safe, they want to know first hand what life is all about. They’re sexy because they’re real.  No false bravado here. This ability to bypass all the superfluous nonsense, the distractions of glamour and packaging that enhance the ego are what make them truly tough and a force to be reckoned with. So it is in the bedroom that our mental genius is able to stop analyzing and connect to its heart and emotions. It yearns for pure love, real feelings and a reconnection to its memory of lost innocence. They are intuitive lovers who are willing to try anything new; you won’t scare them away if you want to swing from the chandeliers or make love in the rose garden in broad daylight. If they haven’t done it yet, they’re willing to give it a try.

Note to female Sagittarians: It is one's beliefs and values that count, not those of others. When one commits to their beliefs they appear to others as powerful and wise. Don’t be afraid to follow your own path and stand up for your own opinions. It’s no longer just a masculine world.


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