The Sexual Psyche of a SCORPIO

Water\Fixed\Yin Energy


Scorpios have only one authority: themselves and their God. They don’t take orders well, so don’t even bother trying to tell them what to do, they may nod their head to get you to be quiet, but don’t think for a minute they’re going to listen to what you suggested unless it was already on their agenda. They’re secretive; no one gets into their inner sanctum without passing a myriad of tests all based on trust. So be on your guard when you first meet your Scorpio, and don’t make them any promises you don’t intend to keep. If you do, you may not be out of their life, but you’ll move further away from their core, and you’ll be treated with less respect and reverence. A Scorpio fools others into thinking they’re one of the crowd, through exuding charm and by focusing on you, not them. They suck every last once of information from your head and know you inside and out, and all you know is their first name. Now who has the control here? They have a sexuality that exudes from every pore of their body and many are tempted to rip their clothes off with or without permission. That’s how much they can turn you on without saying a word. In fact, they have mastered the art of mystery and your inability to get them to reveal their truth is what keeps you prying and seeking more.

So when you meet your Scorpio whatever you do, don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. They are looking for the gap between who you say you are and who you really are. If that gap is narrow you will be invited into their inner sanctum. 

Their primary problem is ego. Either they are all about ego and power, or they are able to put aside their ego and act from their higher self. Most are a mixture of both. The more the Scorpio has a vision or is committed to a purpose or a talent, the easier life is. There is nothing sadder to see than a Scorpio lost in a world of superficiality searching for meaning. One way they alleviate their sense of alienation, is through sex. This is their domain and no one can compete with them, so don’t even try.  They’ve learned the key to surrender, just connect to the pleasure and let it take you wherever it wants to go. They love sex so much they are often not concerned with whom their partner is, only that they are willing and eager to open themselves up to the experience. So your Scorpio partner can be either a sex machine or a caring lover, someone who wants to make you the center of their world. If you agree, if you can let go and merge with your Scorpio, you will find yourself transformed; yes, life will never quite be the same and every other sexual encounter may be measured against this one.

Note to Male and Female Scorpios: This is a yin sign and yet it is powerful. It is powerful because true power comes from the faith to take a risk for what one wants. It’s the ability to feel love and passion and let it take you beyond the limitations and restrictions of the world. Scorpios are unique.

Scorpio sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology