The Sexual Psyche of a TAURUS

Earth\Fixed\Yin Energy


Tough and soft, sad and joyful, powerful and yet yielding in the presence of love, this earth sign is caught between its emotional extremes. It is the need to please and be loved that has denied this sign some of its truth and personal growth. Love has disappointed them; when they disagreed or expressed opposing ideas, love withdrew and so the Taurus has learned to shade its truth or not reveal it at all. This lack of trust in love does not prevent them from seeking it and testing it constantly. So when you meet your Taurus at a party he or she will be the most charming one in the room and when they smile at you, you melt. They know how to find their way into your heart by becoming everything your soul desires.

However, do not expect this perfect first meeting to represent the relationship – once you fall in love they change. Now, comes the testing, the acting out, the need for them to know just how much you’ll take of their “bad” behavior before you say no. What you put up with becomes the boundaries and you will have taught them how to treat you. So whatever you do, don’t overlook their being late on a date, or if they don’t call after a night of sex; withdraw and don’t be available so quickly. They want you to set the limits of the relationship and if you fail to do so, you have sealed your fate to a relationship with a lot of love and joy and a lot of bad behavior. 

It is the bedroom where the Taurus first experiences a sense of freedom and total acceptance. This is where they are able to use their emotional extremes and be appreciated. Versatility, changeability, the instinct to respond and not judge, allows them to demonstrate the power of these skills: yes, they can mix gentleness and dominance, deep feelings with playfulness and be selfish and selfless at the same time. When the Taurus gets a partner that has the same goal, the same intense desire to reach their greatest pleasure, then ecstasy is achieved through using all of who they are.       

A note to Taurus men:  The Taurus male is asked to embrace the feminine principle of receptivity and for Taurus what he must receive is love – if not from others, then from himself. If he was denied love as a child and does not believe in it, then he will substitute possessions for love and focus on acquiring quantity rather than quality to fill his emptiness. The danger here is that no matter how successful they are, they will remain unfulfilled. 

Taurus sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology