The Sexual Psyche of a VIRGO

Earth\Mutable\Yin Energy


The line between good and bad gets redrawn in Virgo. Experience has taught our soul that good people do bad things, and bad people do good things, so the dilemma is what do they accept, what don’t they accept in themselves and others? Life is seen as a teeter-totter that can take them up or down without warning, and so they must be able to play with all of themselves in order to experience the extremes. The Virgo is drawn to both the very pure and perfect, and the shadow—that is danger, anger, and destruction. The key is to not judge those below you, but serve them with your heart and in so doing you raise yourself up to the highest ideal – yes, you become Mother Theresa (she was a Virgo). This is the way the universe helps you accept your disowned parts, and if you don’t, then escape is still denied you -- you will project those repressed pieces of yourself onto your relationships and date or marry others with your anger or destructive behavior.

The further you are from the middle road, the more the opposite appeals to you. Life becomes a pairing of extremes - beauty and the beast, the saint and the sinner, anything different from who you are is what you want. Thus, a Virgo finds itself attracted to those who don’t fit into their social structure. They want to experience relationships that take them beyond their boundaries or even into taboo areas. This means relationships that don’t share your religion, culture or color, these may be very compelling to you. And of course let’s not forget the good or bad boys and girls that dress a little down and dirty, or of course you could go the other way and like the female with the high collar and white gloves or the male in a three piece suit. Whatever it is it won’t be equal, even if it seems that way on the surface. 

You want what you’ve been told is wrong for you; you want to determine those boundaries yourself. Thus sex is where the Virgo can explore a variety of different relationships without making a commitment. What this sign will eventually learn is that we are all really not that different; take the costumes off, and we all share the same desires and dreams. Thus, it is their spirit that finally makes the connection. When souls meet and embrace, the rest doesn’t matter. So, sex is where the Virgo first feels free of the chains of image, judgment and fear. And once their attachment to surface issues are gone, the spirit is in the lead, and life becomes a whole new journey, one that brings lasting satisfaction, not just adventure and excitement.                                                                  

Note to Male and Female Virgos: The Virgo is challenged to accept the feminine by letting go of control and power and having faith that if they don’t do something personally, it can still get done. No one can do everything themselves and until the soul learns to accept and trust in the moment, that means the good and the bad, they will feel over-burdened and stuck.


Virgo sexual psyche - Linda Joyce Astrology