Sun Sign Traits of AQUARIUS

 January 20 – February 18


Element: Air

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Principal: Distribution

Positive Expression: Liberality

Negative Expression: Eccentricity

Gems: Amethyst & Silver

Amethyst: Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and the mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion.  Amethyst helps one learn about things related to the spiritual, mystical and psychic phenomenon.

Silver: This metal is excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing. It works on both the mind and the emotions for balance and patience. Silver is a mirror to the soul, helping one to see themselves as others see them. Silver is a major conductor and communicator and it aids speech and eloquence in public speaking.  

Color - Sky Blue: Blue is the most popular color in the world. It represents communication, truth, loyalty and tranquility. It creates calm, and it actually slows down the human metabolism. It can stimulate an appreciation of music and the arts, and it opens the mind to other realities beyond the physical senses.

Personality: Aquarius energy lights up a room and creates a sense of magic. Unique, original and capable of being their own person, even amongst the pressure of a group, they have no desire to conform – they enjoy being different. Whatever they do, they do it their way. Great communicators, they love ideas and people who are different from them – this is how they learn. Great seekers of truth, they have a loving heart that can often take them off their path in an attempt to save someone they love. Drawn to conflict, in order to heal it, they are great humanitarians bent on changing the world into a place of fairness and justice.

Aquarian Men vs. Aquarian Women: The greatest difference between an Aquarian man and women is how they use their wounded heart. Aquarian men can be isolated and fearful of committing in a relationship. They pull others into their world and never leave it. Aquarian women want to save others from their fears and loneliness and their problem is too big of a heart. They need to learn how to say no.

Personal Challenge: The Aquarian challenge is to be able to discern who really wants your help and who will just drain you of your strength and imagination. Until an Aquarian can say no to the suffering in the world, in order to live their own lives, they will not fulfill their destiny.

Talents & Gifts: Aquarians are the voice of human rights. They want fairness for all of God's creatures. They believe that everyone should be able to pursue their own happiness. Great initiators, they are natural inventors and can often solve old problems with new ideas. Gifted with a sense of timing, they love to stir others up and get them going. Inspiring, knowledgeable, and insightful, they see the world through their own unique perception offering others originality instead of repetition. Aquarius rules friendships and they gather friends from all walks of life, bringing them together under their roof – and it all works.

The Negative Traits of an Aquarian: Aquarians can be too unique and different and actually not fit into society or the world. Their need for fairness and justice can make them revolutionaries who strike back without logic or reason. Loners, those that stay isolated never get challenged and grow.

Women’s Fashion: There is no other word for Aquarian fashion other than dazzling. They are originals and can put anything on and make it their own, mixing and matching the old with the new, the new with the new, and coming out with something that only works for them. What an Aquarian hates is boring, so they know how to add surprises to their outfit, whether it’s a belt they bought in the mountains of Tibet, or a piece of lace made by the nuns in Italy, they’ll put it together in way you could have never imagined – and it works. They make magic happen. Within them is a respect for tradition – you can’t break the rules unless you know what they are. Lovers of clean lines and simple wear, they often get their kicks with bright colors especially the blue-greens, hot reds, oranges and silver. Things that sparkle and glitter are always a favorite. They are true eccentrics, and love to shock. Vintage is also a love and they often pick up gloves, hats, and items from the past they can add and mix into the latest fashion. Fashion Icons: Jennifer Aniston, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton.

Men’s Fashion: Aquarian men are individuals above all else and they add their point of view to their style and the choice of their clothes. They are masters at bringing odd pieces together and making it work. There is a desire to shock others as well as to not cause waves, so it all depends on their mood. They have many facets to their being and dress accordingly. If they’re traditional, they could get caught up in the club attire and lose their individuality. But most know how to mix and match and keep a sense of unity. There is a deep respect for the classical and traditional, that’s where they begin, but where it ends up no one will know, not even them – they dress intuitively. Men in Fashion: John Travolta, Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Aquarians have faith in truth and what should be rather than what is. They believe that they can reach the innate wisdom in every man and that’s what they go for. In their book, nothing is stronger than love, spirit and a belief in what you are doing. They love to play with possibilities no matter how improbable they are. Touch their spirit and you have a friend for life.

Career & Goals: Aquarians are inventors who add their uniqueness to whatever they do. Natural communicators they make great writers, artists, or advocates of new ideas. Gifted with a unique sense of humor, they see the serious as humorous, as well as the frivolous. If you want someone with an original approach to your business or project, then choose an Aquarian. They love unconventional jobs, and are very big with computers and new gadgets. Freedom is important to them, so jobs that are too restrictive are not good. However, they know how to win the boss over so they can do things their way.

Best Careers: Scientist (if they can explore new theories), inventor, organic farmer, aviator, designer, musician. apps developerveterinarianscientistengineer, charity or social worker and alternative care practitioner.

Careers to avoid: Any conventional job that discourages independent thinking or differing opinions.

Relationships: Aquarians are attracted to someone with a higher purpose. There is nothing that turns this air sign on more than a partner who wants to improve the world in some way. You’ve got to be your own person, independent and able to express your uniqueness, to get into their inner circle – and it doesn’t hurt to be different than who they are. Whether that difference comes from your personality or nationality, it doesn’t matter --they like to be challenged. They often suffer from a lack of ego, and are then drawn to someone who demands attention. What they really love is intelligence and humor, make them laugh, teach them something new and they’re yours. Aquarians are attracted to partners who are not mainstream; they prefer to live on the edge of society. So pleasing the crowd is not a winning stance.  


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