Sun Sign Traits of ARIES 

March 21 – April 20th


Element: Fire

Symbol: The Ram

Ruler: Mars

Principle: Action

Positive Expression: Vitality

Negative Expression: Impulsiveness

Gems: Bloodstone & Diamonds.

Bloodstone: Like Aries, the Bloodstone represents the hero. It instills courage and protects one from dangerous desires. Bloodstone encourages change and the breaking down of old patterns before one can rebuild in a healthier way. Gifted with healing powers they can revitalize love relationships and friendships. 

Diamonds: Diamonds symbolize love, excellence and purity. Because of their unmatched hardness and clarity, they also represent power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty. Throughout history many regarded them as magical.

Color - Red: Red boosts physical and mental energy and denotes passion and desire. It symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. It gives one the determination to go after one’s dreams and the power to achieve their goals. It is associated with the Root Chakra and connects us to our physical self.

Personality: Aries are inspirational and impatient. They are eager to reach the finish line and so they often ignore caution and jump into relationships, projects and life. They know they are special and want the world to see their magnificence. Struggling between a too compassionate heart and a need to be selfish enough to focus on their own dreams, they find balance a challenge. They are attracted to passion and conflict because it forces them to consolidate their beliefs and reassess their strengths and weaknesses. Idealistic to a fault, they strive for perfection and so they live with dissatisfaction. Direct when they speak, they have no patience for denial or beating around the bush. This does not always make them popular. They create waves wherever they go.

Aries Men vs. Aries Women: Aries is a yang or assertive sign, so unless the female is in touch with her aggressive nature, she may project her ambition and drive onto a partner. If that happens the woman makes the man the center of her world, instead of herself. If, however, the woman has embraced her competitive nature, and is able to direct her anger towards a goal, then she will be a formidable opponent for any position. Both genders are protective of those they love, both are idealistic; the men want to be a hero and the women want a hero to rescue them from their lives.

Personal Challenge: The Aries challenge is to become emotionally independent. Born the protector of the universe, the Aries yearns for independence but struggles with being alone and not having someone to take care of. Without a lost soul to save, the hero in them disappears in the crowd. To achieve their greatness they must separate from their comfort zone and focus on their own path.

Talents & Gifts: Visionaries, Aries see into the future and want to improve the world that exists. Their idealism allows them to rise above all problems and envision a more perfect existence. They are great strategizers with the ability to inspire. As the first sign of the zodiac, they are able to take that all-important “first step” that inspires others and often changes the world. They love to learn and share their knowledge with others. Judgmental, they divide right from wrong with a definite line and need to learn that gray is also a choice and the middle ground can often be the best position. Inspirational, passionate, intelligent, and courageous, when they have a purpose they are unstoppable.

Negative Personality Traits: Negative personality traits most often come from a lack of attention and love as a child. Afraid of abandonment, they can abandon others or hold on until a relationship becomes abusive. An unfulfilled Aries is either too self-sacrificing or greedy and selfish, sometimes a bit of both. They are trying to make up for what they never received. But the black hole of self-worth can only be fulfilled through self-recognition. Their assertive energy is easily transformed into anger because whatever they receive is never enough. They want constant recognition for everything they do, and this actually prevents the praise they desire and often deserve from coming their way.

Women’s Fashion: Aries are trendsetters; they create fashion, rather than copy it. Their love of attention attracts them to bold colors as well as shiny accessories -- jewelry is a must. However, Rams have two personalities when it comes to fashion: for business they lean towards classic power suits, and for fun they love glamour with a romantic flair. When they don’t have to impress, they prefer pants to skirts and dresses, and comfort is a must. Aries rules the head and so there is a focus on beautiful hats, headbands and other accessories for the hair. Style icons: Fergie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham.

Men’s Fashion: It’s not easy to get an Aries man to think about his wardrobe, he’s athletic and casual and loves his jeans and red shirts. However, they do know quality and those that are keen on dressing up know how to stand out with elegance and style. They are into leather, whether it’s a jacket or a good pair of shoes, they love the buttery feel and endurance of quality leather goods. Aries men wear a lot of black as well as bold colors that light up a room. If they love what they’re wearing so will you. Men in Fashion: James Franco, Alec Baldwin, Russell Crowe.

2013 Personal Growth & Spirituality: Spirituality is never very far from an Aries. With Neptune in their 12th house, they are more idealistic than ever, which also means that nothing is totally satisfying. The lesson is that life is about the balance between giving and receiving, between what they can do for others and how they can take care of themselves.

Career & Goals: Aries are assertive, vibrant, enthusiastic and competitive. They thrive in commission-based jobs, especially when a bonus is involved. Impulsive and daring they are the heroes of the zodiac, gravitating toward professions such as soldier, police officer and firefighter. Gifted athletes they can make it a career or teach it at a school, although patience is not their best quality. The key to success is finding their passion. When this happens, making a commitment and enduring what’s the struggle is not a problem. Since they enjoy verbal combat, they make excellent promoters and may find the world of advertising and public relations appealing.

Best jobs: Entrepreneur, soldier, athlete or sports announcer, surgeon, law enforcer, rescue worker, film/TV, agent and stockbroker.

Careers to avoid: Any mundane, detail-oriented desk jobs.

Relationships: Aries are idealists, they put their partners on a pedestal and then there is only one way the relationship can go and that’s down. The lesson is to see the imperfections and embrace them because real love is accepting, not judgmental. The Aries partner is often unequal or different, either in talent, social acceptance, or culturally and so the concept of equality in the general sense, needs to be let go of. The first thing that attracts an Aries is physical beauty, but what holds them is a loving heart. They need love more than anything else, the pure kind that doesn’t ask for things in return, except of course having their love returned. When they find this heart connection, it brings out the best in them. Fairness and a sense of justice is important, as well as someone who is not afraid to be charitable and help others.  

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