Sun Sign Traits of CANCER

June 21 – July 20th


Element: Water

Symbol: The Crab

Principal: Containment

Positive Expression: Protection

Negative Expression: Covetousness

Gems: Ruby & Moonstone

Ruby: A ruby is the chosen stone of leaders, kings and priests for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions. It encourages one to follow their dreams and helps one change their world.

Moonstone: This is a stone of emotional balance. It assists in the mastery of emotions, bringing them under one's will, instead of repressing them or over-expressing them.

Color - Silver: Silver is a mirror to the soul; it strengthens the connection between the astral and physical bodies, and enhances intuitive and psychic energies. Silver is mystical and is known to improve speech and add eloquence. In feng shui, silver invokes yin energy, trustworthiness and romance.

Personality: Cancers are nurturers and the protectors of the world. They are sensitive and emotional and able to get in touch with the feelings of others. In fact they know what you need before you do. They love eccentric people and the oddities of the world – drawn to what others tend to discard. Family-oriented, it’s important for them to have a harmonious environment to live and work in. Don’t let their gentleness or kindness fool you, they are not pushovers. In fact, they are stubborn and when they believe in a truth, they won’t budge. So show them respect and learn that strength is not necessarily the ability to argue.

Cancer Men vs. Cancer Women: Cancer men and women are nurturers, even though they may express it differently. Both are loyal and committed when they love, however, the women are not afraid of their emotions and will express and use them more effectively. Cancer men can hold things in and be somewhat passive when it comes to overcoming emotional challenges – they tend to endure rather than overcome. However, the men are more ready to take a risk for their businesses and their beliefs. Men create families outside of the home, people that are of like sprit, while women focus on family and their environment.

Personal Challenge: The Cancer challenge is to experience, process and neutralize one's feelings so they don’t turn into drama or become repressed; either way, holding one back from their destiny. Feelings need to be a source of information, then they become a guide rather than a hindrance.

Talents & Gifts: Creativity is a Cancer’s strong point and when they tap into it, they have a unique way of expressing even the simplest of things. Strongly intuitive, they are able to feel their way around problems and people. They love to work in communities and with other like-minded souls. They are collectors of the past, keepers of tradition, and lovers with passion, kindness and forgiveness. Gifted with a sense of humor they make great comedians and can be the center of a party if you can get them to go. Persevering, loyal and unrelenting, they make great life partners.

The Negative Traits of A Cancer: If the Cancer child was deprived of a home and love, then they may be loners, living an isolated life. Stubborn by nature, their resistance to the ways and ideals of others can be self-defeating. Many love to play the victim unable to rise above their wounds, and this only gets them negative attention.

Women’s Fashion: Cancers are creatures of habit, so when it comes to their wardrobe they tend to hold on to their favorite clothes – mementos of their life. This works when the Cancer is also creative and mixes and matches vintage with the latest trends. Cancer women, whether well-endowed or not, often go for low-cut tops revealing cleavage. Timeless classics get their attention rather than the whim of the moment. There are a few Cancers who get caught in the image game and these women can lose themselves in labels and quantity rather than quality, but they are in the minority. Cancers want comfort and they love romantic clothes, flowing soft fabrics, and if they find a store or a brand they love, they’re loyal. Preferring soft colors, especially white and shimmery pastels, their jewelry has an emphasis on silver and pearls. Fashion Icons: Princess Diana, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jada Smith.

Men’s Fashion: A Cancer man loves to feel comfortable in his clothing. And if he especially likes a sweater or pair of pants, they’ll be in his wardrobe forever. They don’t mind being dressed by their mothers or partners, so please step up to the plate and give them some advice. When they do dress up, silk shirts are a must, and classical suits that never go out of style are what they will lean toward. When they have good taste, it’s the best. If your Cancer man is kooky, then he may dress originally and outrageously – yes, they are souls that are extreme. They love pastels as well as dark colors, depending on their mood. Cancers are greatly affected by their environment and its demands. If they hang out with chic dressers, eventually it will rub off. And yes, if they hang out with slobs then that will influence them too. Men in Fashion: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Ringo Starr, Prince William, Marty Feldman.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Pisces, the sign of spirituality, rules the Cancer’s ninth house of the higher mind and wisdom. This assures that they will not allow themselves to be limited in their ideas and their beliefs. They also know there is a mystery to life that they will never quite understand. They are in fact, attracted to mystery, intrigue and the unknown. How much they pursue this will be based on how secure and fearful they are. Their spirituality begins to blossom when they are not afraid to be alone. When they can enjoy their own company, then their tremendous intuitive nature gets a voice.

Career & Goals: Aries rules the Cancer’s tenth house of career and so they are eager to be on the cutting edge in their work; they love to be inventive and original. Cancers will put a great deal of energy into their work this year, so hopefully it's something they love. Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac, so these sensitive types do well in jobs that require nurturing or taking care of people or helping them with their responsibilities. Cancerians make excellent executives, much like a multi-tasking mom who’s in charge. Wise, others come to them for advice and they can be imaginative problem solvers.

Best Careers: Real Estate, interior design, psychologist, teacher, film production, actor, comedian and social worker.

Careers to avoid: Cancers should avoid isolating jobs that involve constant oversight and no creativity.

Relationships: Cancers are attracted to earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) because earth is the container for water and a wonderful balance to their ethereal nature. They need someone they can count on, someone organized and strong. Cancers are seeking a soul who has the strength of faith and a positive attitude. They want understanding, loyalty and a sense of humor. It is important for their partner to “know” how they feel without a lengthy explanation. Gifted with humor, they love a partner who finds them funny or makes them laugh – especially when the humor presents a new perspective or truth. However, since they have an overdose of sensitivity and feelings, they do find those who are tough and able to let go, very sexy. The perfect mate should have a bit of mystery or an interest in the metaphysical realm.

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