Sun Sign Traits of CAPRICORN

December 22 – January 19


Element: Earth

Symbol: The Goat

Principal: Crystallization

Positive Expression: Orderliness

Negative Expression: Rigidity

Gems: Garnet & Amber

Garnet: This is the stone of love and devotion. It increases your attractiveness to others by bringing out your best qualities. Another quality is balance; it helps one connect between the physical, the spiritual and the nervous system, adjusting the flow of energy to a vibration of higher power.

Amber: The stone of calm and deliberate action. Amber calms the nerves by releasing anxiety and tension, irritation, and feelings of being overwhelmed.  It alleviates depression, and increases clarity of the mind. This is a very good stone for someone who is grieving or depressed but needs to make important decisions. 

Color - Dark Brown: Brown is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic. It invokes a solid wholesome feeling and has the ability to blend into many surroundings. It’s a mixture of red, blue and yellow and has many shades and tones – each producing a different effect. The red in brown gives it practical energy while the yellow and blue add mental focus and strength.

Personality: Capricorns have two sides but often one is hidden. Either they have conformed to the rules of society and play the game very well, or they are wild free spirits who prefer unmapped territory. No matter which side is revealed, the other one exists and has a hold. Their mission is to feed both their spirit and their ego. Capricorns want power and control. They don’t like being told what to do because they are the masters of their universe. Very aware of boundaries and limitations around them, their challenge is to go beyond them in an imaginative and acceptable way. They are the great barterers and storytellers of the universe. When they’re good, they’re the best.

Capricorn Men vs. Capricorn Women: Capricorns are divided within themselves: very traditional or very free spirited and so are the men and women. More than by gender this sign is divided by those who feel free to be who they are and those who are driven to follow the rules.

Personal Challenge: Their personal challenge is to see limits, rules and boundaries as a means to gain strength and enhance one's imagination – not as an end in themselves. Once obstacles don’t stop a Capricorn, they are on their way to success.

Talents & Gifts: Capricorns are natural leaders, they love being in charge. They have a sense of the big picture and the details, which gives them a rare eye. Their ability to discern quality, nuances and talents in both others and in products gives them a refined palate for life’s pleasures. Instinctual without being aware of the process, they “just know” what has to be done. When they’re organized, nothing is out of place, and if they’re a slob then that’s extreme too. However, when they love you, they’re loyal to a fault, and when they have a mission it gets done, and nothing stands in their way. They have strong goals and they don’t rush into decisions; they truly believe that slow and steady wins the race. They value their reputation and believe in doing for others when it's possible; after all, good feelings can carry someone through difficult times.

The Negative Traits of a Capricorn: Capricorns love power and control and those that seek it obsessively have no regard for others or the consequences of their actions. They can be tough and insensitive. Stubborn and calculating, they are either too ambitious or very lazy – if they can’t be guaranteed the results they want, they won’t do the work.

Women’s Fashion: Capricorns have a style all their own, and it's organic – it works just for them. They never look as if they’ve tried too hard. Dressing for success is what they strive for early on, it’s easy because they have an eye for quality and value. Sexy without being glitzy, they wear their clothes; their clothes don’t wear them. Classical or the tailored look, they can be stuck in the past and love vintage, or find themselves at the front of the latest fad. This earth sign takes its wardrobe very seriously and dresses for status and image or they won’t care a hoot about what they have on. They can over-spend on briefcases and purses which are symbols for success. They do not like rhinestones and glitz and so their jewelry is often understated but elegant. Fashion Icons: Mary J. Blige, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss.

Men’s Fashion: Capricorn men know how to dress for their career and they have an eye for details. They love to look successful and elegant, whatever their position. Preferring tradition and classical clothes, they can add that new trend to a tried and true look and bring it up to date. If they’re not interested in clothes then they could be total slobs, unaware of what to put on. Those that love clothes dress well both casually and in the public eye. There is a need for quality and practicality. They like things that last and have been made well. An international Capricorn will know where to buy custom made shoes, where to find the best-tailored suits and what the latest fashion trend is, because he’s already bought it. Men in fashion: Jude Law, Zayn Malik, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: A Capricorn has an inner sense of faith, and they get it from the struggle. The harder they work, the more faith they have in themselves, others and the universe. After all it all begins from within. They see the magic of life all around them, and if they are connected to nature and allowed to live life with a bit of meandering, then they’ll discover their spirit early on.

Career & Goals: Capricorns are very ambitious and need challenges to be happy. Like the mountain goat that lives its life balancing on whatever is available, it’s hard to stop a Capricorn because they are determined and persistent and willing to endure the struggle to get the job finished. Most are responsible and conscientious; many enjoy power. They run a tight ship—they will enforce rules and keep everyone on schedule. If you need something done right (and to exact standards), look for a Capricorn.

Best jobs: Manager, administrator, self-owned business, editor, banker, IT, and anything science-related, nursery owners and entrepreneurs.

Careers to avoid: A financially risky job or a career where there is no room for advancement.

Relationships: The sign of the goat wants to feel loved unconditionally even if they are made aware of their faults. So they need a partner who can stand up to them, and take care of themselves. Capricorns love a show of affection because they have trouble expressing it themselves. Be demonstrative, just not in public because they can be shy and self-conscious. They love tough love, and if their partner knows how to go right to the core of the issue, bypassing guilt and fear, they’ll respond. They themselves know how to weave a story out of any of their myriad daily experiences and keep you interested, so being a good listener is also a plus. They need someone who is both causal and able to interact in high society. And most of all, they need someone with a sense of humor, someone able to laugh at life and their own personal challenges. After all, life is a game, a game the Capricorn has committed to master.


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