Sun Sign Traits of GEMINI

May 21 – June 20th


Element: Air

Symbol: The Twins

Principal: Interaction

Positive Expression: Versatility

Negative Expression: Superficiality

Gems: Pearl & Alexandrite

Pearl: The symbol of feminine wisdom, pearls symbolize the best within us: honesty, purity, wisdom and integrity. They remind us to walk with dignity.

With its humble beginnings—a rough grain of sand -- pearls symbolize innocence and a pure heart, and help us get in touch with the simple honest things of life.

AlexandriteThis stone brings good luck to the wearer, financial prosperity and magical powers. It protects the wearer from sudden and unexpected changes and the pursuit of useless things. It urges the wearer to be bold, adventurous and make daring decisions.

Color - Yellow: The color yellow stands for wisdom and the intellect. It helps overcome obstacles, gather self-confidence, and stimulates your mind to focus and think more clearly. Yellow brings an awareness of self and the power to be an individual. It relates to the third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, which connects one to their personal power, will and autonomy.

Personality: If you want something done, ask a Gemini - they seem to have as many arms as Shiva and they never rest. Either over-responsible and committed to the job or unconcerned about anything but fun and play, they can have both sides of this extreme in their character. Geminis are communicators, masters at interacting with the world and bringing people and ideas together. This air sign gets along with everyone, unless they are locked into an image of who they should be; when that happens they can be judgmental and a bit of a snob. Lovers of fun and mental games, they light up a room with their charm and humor. Social and always on the go, they love attention and the ability to express themselves. Idealistic to a fault, they often put a great deal of pressure on themselves to be perfect. This need for perfection interferes with their need for change and adventure. To follow a path into the unknown requires one to have faith and let go; this is difficult when one is trying to uphold an image or desires a guaranteed result.

Gemini Men vs. Gemini Women: There is less difference between the men and women of this sign, for it can be very androgynous. The issue is responsibility - men can be players and out to have a good time and the women can accept too much responsibility and want to make everyone’s life better, but their own. However, gender is not the major factor in how this will play out.

Personal Challenge: The Gemini challenge is to listen to their own instincts and not everyone else's. They need to be present and choose one path and passion as their leader; the stronger their ability to focus, the greater their success. Only in the moment can something be accomplished.

Talents & Gifts: Geminis are great writers, agents, PR personnel or anything to do with ideas and people. They love to bring others together and make things happen. Humorous, agile, and natural salesmen, their adaptability to be in the moment and to change quickly is a talent. Socially gifted, they can have a social schedule that will rival the President's. Most are bored with just one project or responsibility; they like to juggle several things at one time. If a Gemini seems stuck or rigid, it’s because of fear; their mission is to take a leap into the unknown and make it their own.

Negative Traits of a Gemini: When the child doesn’t get enough attention and love or gets too much, then it can become irresponsible and unaware of consequences. The desire to shock others for attention is strong. Their game playing can become a desire to manipulate others and feel their power through trickery, rather than achieving a goal.

Women’s Fashion: Gemini women can dress playfully and flirty, and stand out because of their fun, quirky fashion sense. They have many looks and are not above losing themselves to trends or fads. This air sign is youthful, they seldom dress their age, and yes, they get away with it. The changing seasons fit their need for versatility and new adventures. Geminis have a taste for color, although it tends to be subtle, with a preference for light and airy things. Geminis love purses and totes and they will overdo jewelry for the hands and arms -- rings, bangles and bracelets. Fashion Icons: Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields.

Men’s Fashion: Gemini men are good at layering their clothes and colors. They love to mix up stripes and solids, and if they don’t have a sense of style it can be disastrous. If they do, they can set trends and be innovative. Those that have style know how to take it to the ultimate level; they want the very best no matter what the cost. After all, they have an image to uphold. Their clothes match their interests, so if your Gemini is sporty and active, his clothes will fit his lifestyle. Don’t forget that a Gemini can have many personalities and their wardrobe will reflect their complex nature. Men in Fashion: Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper, Paul McCarthy.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Gemini’s strong idealism is an indication of their spiritual power. However, faith is not gained through material pursuits, only adventures that require courage and daring. With the sign of spirituality ruling their 10th house of career, their spiritual growth comes through work. So it is very important for them to have the right job. It may take a few mistakes before they realize that in this department they can’t compromise. They need to find their passion and pursue it.

Career & Goals: Geminis love jobs that challenge their mind and gives them plenty to do. Good at handling many different projects at one time, they work well with their colleagues and are helpful to others on the job. They hate repetitive work and love jobs that require some travel, or social networking skills. Geminis can be perfectionists and take on responsibility with ease (or none at all). So they make wonderful employees. With Neptune in Pisces ruling their 10th house of career, it’s time for all Geminis to search their soul and make sure they’re doing the work they love. It’s no longer possible to make concessions that reject their life path and passion. So make the changes now, even if it calls for some sacrifice.

Best Careers: Media, advertising, marketing, journalist, writer, teacher, architect, travel agent and communication specialist.

Careers to avoid: Serious or mundane jobs that are extremely detail-oriented.

Relationships: With Sagittarius ruling the house of relationships, Geminis are attracted to someone who finds it easy to see the big picture. They love partners who are wise and strong. Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius & Aries) inspire a Gemini and feed their ideas. They love a challenge and all too often pick someone unavailable or difficult to reach. It’s part of their idealistic nature - when a person is not present, they remain perfect. Their biggest challenge is a commitment to their partner; they have to know what they want and not feel that something better is always waiting around the corner. Geminis want to be the center of their partner’s world, and they need someone who's not afraid to take a risk for the right reason. They respect strength and love a partner who is organized and hard working – order makes them feel safe and secure.




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