Sun Sign Traits of LEO

July 23 - August 22


Element: Fire

Symbol: The Lion

Principal: Individuation

Positive Expression: Authority & Power

Negative Expression: Imperiousness

Gems: Peridot & Onyx

Peridot: Peridot is known as a Power Stone. It clears the pathway to the heart and heals damaged egos. Peridot helps us move past the hurt and understand our relationships. It adds intelligence to your romantic situations, giving you a bit of common sense in affairs of the heart, and protecting you from unnecessary heartache.

Onyx: Onyx enhances self-mastery, steadfastness, and determination; setting one's mind to a task. It is a grounding stone and can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others. It is excellent for aligning the total person with a higher power.

Color - Orange: Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and is always friendly and welcoming. It represents emotional energy such as compassion, genuine warmth and passion. Orange has a lust for life and promotes laughter and optimism, while broadening the mind to cope with life and career.

Personality: Leos are the charmers of the universe. They know how to turn on the light and shine. Success and gaining your favor is their mission. They hide their shadow or anything that will not get them approval. This fire sign has a strong private side; they don’t let just anyone in. They can be workaholics and gravitate naturally towards the center of power. Personal commitments may be difficult if they see them in conflict with their career. When there’s balance between work and play they truly know how to have fun. In fact, they can initiate spontaneous ways to let off steam or just celebrate. What’s important to them is your respect; give it to them, and they’ll be generous with you and begin to reveal their true selves.

Leo Men vs. Leo Women: With women in business and taking on important roles, there is probably less difference between the genders of this sign then there used to be. This is the sign of success, so there is a strong competitive drive that was easier for men to embrace. If the men or women ignore their assertiveness, then that’s what they’ll attract in a partner. This is a desire to achieve, and it’s difficult for any Leo to show vulnerability, but certainly less rewarding for the man. If the Leo is cut off from their emotions, then they’ll attract a needy partner.

Personal Challenge: The Leo challenge is to bridge their inner world of emotions and instinct with the outer world of image and success. Too many live a compartmentalized life. They need to find a balance between friends, family, work and play.

Talents & Gifts: Leos are focused, competitive and ambitious, they keep their eye on the goal and they don’t have a problem giving up their pleasures in order to get the job done. They have an adventurous nature and love exploring new territory and making new friends. Competitive to a fault, they can put winning at the top of the list of importance. Gifted with a scientific and a creative mind, they love inventing new ways to solve old problems. Natural leaders, they are not shy about owning their power, showing their strength or being in the limelight.

Negative Traits of a Leo: Leos can be workaholics and not have time for their social life or fun. If they are pleasers, then they will have trouble owning their ambition and following the path they want. Instead, they’ll choose one that gets them the most approval or the greatest amount of money. Leos can live compartmentalized lives; their work life and their private life seems to bring out two separate sides of themselves. Too much separateness keeps them a mystery and difficult to communicate with.

Women’s Fashion: To a Leo, image is paramount and so is personal style. Their look is about going bold and adding attitude to their style. Leos have an eye for luxury and value. They dress to make a statement. If they err, it will be with big oversized bags, jewelry – anything that sparkles, but the best of them can carry it off. They love animal prints and their favorite colors are red and gold. Yes, they love designer labels and sensual, tactile fabrics. They are naturally glamorous, enjoy dressing up and going out, simply because they know how to shine.

Men’s Fashion: Leo men care about their bodies and their image. They can be obsessed with grooming products, from hair gels to skin creams. This sun sign is not afraid of color or being a bit of a peacock. They prefer classic clothes and yes they’ll follow a fad, but only if it looks good on them. They have a love of expensive clothes and could give in to owning labels. They want to look better than everyone else; they dress to stand out and be noticed or to make a statement. They identify with a life style and image more than an individual approach to fashion. Men in Fashion: Antonio Banderas, Barack Obama, Matthew Perry.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Leos get a feeling of being connected to the universe through service to others. They value their strength and often use it to help those in need. Gifted with a big heart, they find value and satisfaction in helping others change their world. The best Leos don’t give just money, they volunteer their time and intelligence.

Career & Goals: Leos are lucky, ambitious and committed to being the best. Now that’s a winning combination for success. Leos work well when they are in the spotlight and love jobs that give them status and power. Their charm helps them overcome some of their high-maintenance demands. They make natural leaders and prefer more work and responsibility than being lost in the crowd. What they need is faith -- faith in others, not just themselves. They find it hard to trust, thus delegating becomes an issue. They need to let go of the control and become a mentor and pass on their knowledge to those who want to learn.

Best careers: CEO, entrepreneur, real estate agent, fashion designer, politics, sales and public relations.

Careers to avoid: Any job where they are out of the spotlight.

Relationships: This fire sign loves an independent mate, someone who doesn’t make emotional demands. When emotions are heavy with expectations they feel held back and overwhelmed by the burden to make things better. They love uniqueness, a partner who is not afraid to be themselves no matter what image they have chosen as their calling card. Perhaps their need for approval makes them value this character trait in others. They are attracted to a loving heart and someone who wants to make a difference in the world. Their ideal partner takes responsibility for their choices. Being connected to one's passion is a plus as well as having a dream to work towards. A mature ego here is essential, because a Leo is not happy without more than its share of attention. 


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