Sun Sign Traits of PISCES

February 19- March 21


Element: Water

Symbol: The Fishes

Principal: Redemption

Positive Expression: Compassion

Negative Expression: Confusion

Gems: Flourite and Aquamarine

Flouorite: Flourite clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos, thus clearing the way for new things. Able to increase your concentration and enhance you intuition, fluorite can help you stay impartial especially when decisions need to be made.  

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a stone of courage.  It accelerates the intellectual reasoning process. Aquamarine blue is a divine and eternal color. It is attuned to the ocean and helps one get in touch with the world of spirits. It improves your communication skills and your ability to serve.

Color - Lavender: Lavender is a color that promotes spiritual growth; it helps the Pisces to understand their true nature, improve their self confidence, balance their personality, and develop interest in the world around them instead of focusing inward. The color is an energy balancer and has the power to open doors for opportunities, fortune, and luck.

Personality: There is something not of this world, when it comes to a Pisces and this includes their beauty, intelligence and imagination. Most give off a mystical aura and a sense that they are connected to something the rest of us don’t understand. These souls can easily get lost in the moment and forget that they had to be somewhere else. Being grounded is difficult. They go with the flow. Creative, charming and ruled by dreams and imagination, if you want to get their attention – be strong. You see they live behind a veil that separates them from your reality. Gifted with higher consciousness and a universal heart, they will cry for the starving in Africa and yet not relate to the suffering in the moment. When they’re talented no one can touch them, or they fall victim of the world through their lack of faith and beliefs.

Pisces Men vs. Pisces Women: The greatest difference lies in their belief in themselves, not in their gender. Pisces is about being able to choose whatever you believe to be true. Thus the women can be ultra feminine or very masculine, the men can be extremely sensitive or the strong warrior type. There are no rules or limitations, except in their own minds.

Personal Challenge: The Pisces challenge is to have faith in their dreams and what they feel, want and desire and move into the unknown focused and certain that they can create it, even if they don’t know how.

Talents & Gifts: Pisces are good at abstract thinking. They don’t want to fit into a box, so they are often unorganized and late for appointments. Not liking confrontation, they are adaptable to a fault. Those that are rigid are trying to create certainty in their lives, but that will only come with faith, not material things. This is the last sign of the zodiac and what they believe they can create. They are especially good with music, anything creative with a spotlight on film and photography, and yes charitable causes. They want to make a difference in the world. When they’re smart, they go way beyond what is, to what could be. This is the mind of Albert Einstein.

The Negative Traits of a Pisces: The everything or nothing side of Pisces is difficult to manage if the soul did not receive support and love as a child. Lost, they can look too much to others to determine who they are. And their fear of being alone and abandoned will make them hold onto things that are of no service to them. Either totally controlling and or very much the victim, this is a sign of extremes.

Women’s Fashion: They are Gods and Goddesses and they can dress as such. These are the souls that live their dreams even in the fashion world. Yes, they have their own style and can be incredibly romantic, choosing soft flowing clothes made from chiffon and shimmery substances. They adore jewelry and may overdo it. A lover of shoes, this is their Achilles Heel. They may have an amazing collection of interesting footwear. Their shopping style is intuitive and things just seem to wok when they pull it together. It’s their innate sense of who they are and their fearlessness in breaking boundaries that helps them change the rules or set the trends. Fashion icons: Dew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria

Men’s Fashion: The Pisces man is extremely elegant if he is into fashion; he’s elegant because he has a sensitivity to quality, value and what the trends are and how to use them to his advantage. They have an incredible eye and are able to select one new piece and make it work with everything he has. However, if our Pisces has not found his path or his passion, then he may dress like a misfit, with nothing really working or matching. This is a sign of extremes. However, Pisces does rule dreams and imagination and so there is a desire for fashion to fit a fantasy, their fantasy. Those that lack self-confidence rely on the fads and labels to guide them. The Pisces that has the courage to be their own person and expose their uniqueness, they are often the trend setters – not the followers. Men in Fashion: Daniel Craig, Justin Bieber, Jon Hamm. Jon Bon Jovi.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: The sign of spirituality, Pisces are born with a universal soul. They are concerned with the world, not just one area of it. When there is a disaster they’ll volunteer or raise money for the victims. What they need to do is have faith in themselves first, then worry about the world. The stronger they are, the more they can do for others. Born with a sense that everything is connected you’ll find Pisces in ashrams, meditation centers and other places of worship. They often feel a calling to devote their lives to a religion or cause.

Career & Goals: Pisces is the oldest sign in the zodiac and many Pisceans have that “old soul” feel about them. The key words here are creativity and passionate. They excel in the traditional arts (music, dance, photography). Pisceans are also highly intuitive. If your stylist is a Pisces, she will not only give you a modern and unique haircut; she will also give you the haircut that fits you best. Many astrologers and tarot practitioners are Pisces. Their intuition also helps in fields that require compassion. Sagittarius rules their tenth house of career, so Pisces are wise when it comes to their goals. When they are doing what they love they will get support from the universe. They have authority issues and should be their own boss when possible.

Best Careers: Artist, musician, nurse, dancer, film director, writer, physical therapist, philanthropist, veterinarian, psychologist and life coach.

Careers to avoid: Any job that has a physically or psychologically grueling schedule or deals with the harsh realities of life.

Relationships: A Pisces is attracted to confidence and those who approach challenges as if they have a solution. They don’t like chaos, so it’s important for their soul mate to be organized and keep things in place. There is a desire for perfection and so they can be critical of their partner, so they need to have a tough skin and an understanding heart. It’s better when their partner has their feet on the ground, but not so practical that they cannot support some of their fantasies and goals. Because they are constantly fighting their own excessive compassion, they feel comfortable with someone who is more self-oriented and able to set good boundaries and say no. Most Pisces are not social butterflies, although they may protect a small private world in which they allow a few to enter. So their partner needs to be comfortable with privacy and temporary isolation, as this water sign often disconnects from the world to rejuvenate its spirit and energy.   



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