Sun Sign Traits of SAGITTARIUS

November 22 – December 21


Element: Fire

Symbol: The Archer

Principal: Direction

Positive Expression: Wisdom

Negative Expression: Hypocrisy

Gems: Turquoise & Vesuvianite

Turquoise: This amazing stone symbolizes wisdom and spirituality. It brings out the truth and helps one be honest with themselves. The soul cannot evolve until it finds truth. With turquoise one will learn to walk their talk.

Vesuvianite: Vesuvianite brings energy and aligns the will with the heart, creating wholeness and integrity. It encourages enthusiasm for life and imparts the courage to change. It also helps the release of negative attachments so that one can find their true path.

Color - Purple: Purple is the color of Spirituality. It urges one to find their power within, not power that comes from control or through dominating others. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity. Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery.It represents the seventh Crown Chakra which connects one to their spiritual self and brings them knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Personality: Most Sagittarians find that in order to be themselves they have to leave home. And so these souls are the travelers and the vagabonds of the universe. They have a natural wisdom and a way with words. Many have a sharp tongue and when it’s merged with humor, it can be a lethal sword. Sadge’s love the impossible and the more difficult the challenge, the more they’re interested. They are great at looking at the big picture and solving problems. Strong and resilient, they are not stopped by rejection, but have learned to be positive no matter what is going on around them. After all, what one believes is what they create.

Sagittarius Men vs. Sagittarius Women: The greatest difference between a Sadge man and woman lies in their ability to learn and grow from the experiences in their lives. Both are mental beings, but the men have a greater need to be in control, while the women are able to recognize their emotional needs and try and find a balance. Sadge women love to share their knowledge, Sadge men want to use it for their success.

Personal Challenge: The challenge of a Sadge is to place oneself in an environment that elevates one's truth and ideals. This may require them to leave their comfort zone and travel to a place where they will start a new life.

Talents & Gifts: Smart, persevering and able to connect with differences in culture, religion and race, our Sagittarian soul has many talents. They want to do what no one else has done. A lover of travel, drawn to complex projects and challenging environments, they are not afraid of competition because they believe in their talents and themselves. Gifted communicators, politicians and writers, they are the forefront of change and new ideas.

The Negative Traits of a Sagittarius: When a Sadge doesn’t fit in early in life, they can develop a sense of isolation. This can lead to a person who is difficult to reach and someone who doesn’t learn from others. Many are the vagabonds of the universe, they are charming and interesting but commitment is an issue. They don’t want to be tied down to one person, or one way of living.

Women’s Fashion: Sagittarians can never stand still and this is reflected in what they wear. As the traveler of the universe, they love to mix clothing from different cultures and countries and create their own fashion. Don’t be surprised if they stand around the house in a kimono and then put on jeans and a T-shirt to go to the supermarket. They are into comfort without the frills. Freedom is the key; they should feel unrestrained by what they wear. Bold prints and patterns suit them well, also they prefer clothing that is informal rather than dressy; something that allows them effortless movement. Their favorite clothes change from day to day. Without a doubt their wardrobe is eclectic. Colors are ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, royal blue, and earth tones like orange, brown and yellow. Fashion Icons; Scarlett Johannson, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears

Men’s Fashion: Sagittarian men are either vey sophisticated and dress to kill or they are extremely casual; in fact, they can be good at both. This is an active man so his wardrobe must reflect his life style – he wants to feel free and not restricted. Since they love to travel there is an international feeling to our man, and he may have some unique pieces that he has picked up from far away places. Confident in their manliness they are not afraid to add a colorful scarf or a decorative belt from an Indian tribe to their wardrobe. And many carry a man’s bag because it just makes sense. A natural teacher, they value their university and some get stuck in the professor look. Sadge men can keep up with trends and know how to build on a wardrobe over the years. They like bold colors and the attention that comes from being well-dressed. Men in Fashion: Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: The home is where a Sadge experiences its spiritual nature. In many ways their home is sacred. They may go out into the world and tackle the impossible, but when they come home, they need a sense of safety and belonging. When they have it, their soul gets revitalized and they are able to conquer the world.

Career & Goals: Sagittarians are ethical, full of energy, and rather philosophical. They are excellent decision-makers and make fair bosses if you do the work. You’ll find them around Universities or any hall of learning as teachers or perpetual students. Many Sagittarians have a spiritual side and this often leads them to careers that deal with the environment, animals, counseling and religion. There ability to be a champion of overlooked rights and privileges leads them into politics, journalism and writing. They have the ability to reach the masses with their message. Creative, you will find them in the arts: painters, actors, producers, directors and the field of music. They fit well into positions such as global entrepreneur and often find their niche and their fortune in a faraway land. Their love of the outdoors can make them great ranchers or social or cultural anthropologists. They will not be tied down or bothered with the little details. Routine kills their spirit. With Virgo ruling their tenth house of career, they are always reaching higher and trying to do a better job. They want to be at the top, the best, do something no one else has done, that is, separate themselves from the common man. They must make sure that they don’t expand too quickly and that they build on their career instead of making too big a leap just because the opportunity is there.

Best Careers: Writer, professor, minister, editor, public relations, coach, politician, entrepreneur, airline pilot and anything to do with travel.

Careers to avoid: Any full-time desk job.

Relationships: The Sagittarius likes a sexy mind or souls that can enlighten them either with new ideas and information or by exposing them to something they were previously unaware of. Since they love fun and adventure, their partner needs to be able to try new things and not get stuck in routine or too much responsibility. Another turn on is differences – that means foreigners or people from different cultures or just someone who lives life from their unique point of view. Independence is a must; they can’t be burdened with emotional drama or co-dependency. However, their partner should not be afraid to demand their time and attention – they need a push. When it comes to politics or religion you don’t have to agree, but you do have to have an open mind and an opinion.


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