Sun Sign Traits of SCORPIO

 October 24- November 21


Element: Water

Symbol: The Scorpion

Principal: Regeneration

Positive Expression: Renewal

Negative Expression: Ruthlessness

Gems: Topaz & Malachite

Topaz: Topaz is one of the twelve breastplate stones of the high priest, so it is sacred. It is a soothing stone that heals and energizes. Topaz promotes truth and forgiveness. Use it to find your path. Also known as the stone of true love and success, it enhances individuality and creativity, while providing self-confidence in making decisions. 

Malachite: The stone of transformation. Malachite helps one be comfortable in a changing situation. It will attract information you need to bring about your spiritual evolution. As an added plus, it releases negative experiences. 

Color - Deep Red: The color red is warm and positive and associated with one's physical needs and their will to survive. Red excites the emotions and motivates one to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and promotes ambition and determination. The color of sexuality, it has the power to deepen intimacy and passion if the energy is not lost to revenge and anger.

Personality: Scorpios are extreme in nature; they want it all and go for it. They don’t mind pushing their boundaries and taking a leap of faith. Unafraid of anger, and judgment from others they act from their center, listening to themselves above all others. Unafraid to speak the truth, they are feared for their fearlessness. To balance this courageous heart is a tender side, a soul that wants to be loved just like any other. They have a universal soul and one of their missions is to help those who can’t help themselves. However, Scorpios can judge you if you’re lazy; if you can do something and don’t, you won’t get their sympathy or their respect. You can’t be a victim and be a Scorpio’s friend.

Scorpio Men vs. Scorpio Women: It’s the shadow that separates the men from the women in Scorpio, and accepting the shadow gives one power. Women often have more trouble owning their power, but less fear in expressing their emotions and their vulnerability.

Personal Challenge: To accept one's uniqueness and not feel that it separates them from others, on the contrary, it’s there so one has something special to add to the world. Scorpios need alone time in order to get in touch with themselves.

Talents & Gifts: Scorpios are survivors, they can do it all: fix a lamp, design a dress, cook a meal, organize a business. It doesn’t matter what the challenge, they surrender to a project and in so doing learn everything about it. They allow themselves to be taught by the experience – a key to success. Hard workers, Scorpios prefer to put in the hours rather than sit by the sidelines; it helps them feel focused and alive. They love to be on the edge of life, never playing it safe. Gifted with a discerning eye, they can see the talents and faults of others immediately as well as pick out the one thing of value in a garage sale. When they’re your friend, they are there for the good times and bad. If they’re your enemy, move out of town.

The Negative Traits of a Scorpio: Scorpios want things their way and when they don’t have enough consciousness to care about others, then they can be mean and cruel, even to those they love. They need to be right and have others respect them even if they don’t deserve it. Into revenge, they don’t forget people who have hurt them and they vow to themselves to get even. Loners, they can live isolated lives. But when they do connect with others, the less evolved Scorpio will find a way to use everyone they know.

Women’s Fashion: Scorpios are bold and dangerous and so they often choose dark colors like black, deep purple and burgundy to show off their assets and their power. When a Scorpio woman enters a room, she commands it. Extreme by nature it shows in their clothes -- the halter top may be too tight and the mini-skirt that shows off her legs too short. You can be sure she’s wearing a pair of high heel boots, one of her favorite accessories along with black lace stockings and no underwear. They have a love of being naked. And when they do put on clothes, lingerie is their favorite item, because it works under clothes and in the bedroom. Scorpios love sex; their sign rules it and they are not shy when it comes to desiring love and passion. Whatever you do, don’t put them in a box - our siren can also dress romantically and professionally, just with her special twist to the outfit. Her business suit may have the blouse unbuttoned one inch too low. The finishing touches are dark sunglasses that keep them mysterious and you wondering who they are. Fashion Icons: Demi Moore, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway.

Men’s Fashion: Scorpios love black, red and nudity. They are sexy dressers and their aim is seduction; sex is always on their minds. Scorpio men dress to show off their physical assets. Gifted with an eye for quality and a sense of their own style, when they’re well dressed they lead the pack. They favor dark clothes because it brings out their eyes and natural features. They like to look tough and dangerous and can go for chains, studs and spikes. Of course, leather is a favorite. Capable of more than one look, a Scorpio knows how to transform themselves for a special occasion. If it’s formal, he’ll fit the part to perfection and even get the gossip going. Left alone, the least amount of clothes makes him happy. Men in Fashion: Leonardo DiCaprio, Calvin Klein, Prince Charles, Ted Turner.

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Leave it to a Scorpio to find the path to spirituality through power and authority. Perhaps it gives them insight into the challenges of being God. When a Scorpio is spiritual they are channels for the universe, receiving messages from the other side. Their intuition is so strong that it’s difficult to deny that another invisible world exists. They know it's true, but it's hard to turn over their power and trust to something they can’t see and touch.

Career & Goals: Scorpios are intense and capable of handling emergencies. Need a complicated brain surgery, a terrorist negotiator, or a bomb diffused? Trust me, you want a Scorpio for the job. Scorpios are able to block out distractions, concentrate, and focus like a laser beam. They are curious and are often drawn to mysteries—you would never want to be cross-examined or interrogated by a Scorpio for they are not only intimidating, but also very intuitive. Natural psychologists, they are fascinated by what makes anything tick including you. Drawn to the abnormal and what others disregard or discard as unimportant, they make fabulous detectives and can turn a career out of what others throw away. It’s better for them to be their own boss, because taking orders from anyone is not something that works for them.

Best Careers: Detective, lawyer, educator, scientist, surgeon, physicist, psychologist, designerlawhumanitarian organizations or charitable foundations.

Careers to avoid: Anything you perceive as shallow or materialistic; anything that is micromanaged by others.

Relationships: Scorpios want love -- the unconditional kind. They don’t want to compromise, but I guarantee they'll have to. You’ve got to love them no matter what they do. It’s a challenge that is not meant for the weak-hearted. Scorpios make great partners when they share a mission and a vision with their mate. When the focus is not on who’s in control, but what we can accomplish, then it works like magic. Scorpios need someone who can be close and intimate as well as independent and alone. Remember, they’re the masters of extremes. So if you don’t mind a roller coaster of emotions and intensity, the most tender of feelings and the most hurtful of truths, then a Scorpio is for you.  


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