Sun Sign Traits of TAURUS

April 21 – May 20th


Element: Earth

Symbol: The Bull

Principal: Reaction

Positive Expression: Stability

Negative Expression: Obstinacy

Gems: Emerald & Rose Quartz

Emerald: The stone of success, prosperity and riches is also known to open the heart chakra and invite love in. It enhances spiritual growth, joy, intuition, sensuality and romance.

Rose Quartz: This is a stone of warmth and universal love as it heals emotional wounds and pain. It is gentle and calm. Rose Quartz opens the heart to the beauty within and heals resentments.

Color - Green: Green is nature and the color of fertility, growth and abundance. Green combines blue and yellow. It stabilizes, calms and expands one's energy while helping one find balance. It is associated with the fourth chakra, or Heart Chakra and connects one to the heart.

Personality: The boundless energy of Aries meets the material resistance of Taurus and is turned into power that can be used in practical ways. Taurus rules money, possessions and love and what they love is the freedom to be who they are without consequences – of course that’s not possible and that is their lesson – they are responsible for their actions and their lives. Taureans are amazing when they are loving and tough – that means they can risk rejection and say "no" to others when it’s necessary. A Taurus that is not surrounded by love will supplement its lives with “things” -- possessions and luxuries to make itself happy. Of course that doesn’t work and the lesson is self-love. Once the soul embraces all of itself, when they love their mistakes and their so-called flaws, then a uniqueness begins to emerge and this is the path to their destiny. Those in touch with their soul have personal style, something different that sets them apart from others. This earth sign symbolizes the roots that reach below the earth creating stability. A Taurus needs both financial and emotional stability to blossom.

Taurus Men vs. Taurus Women: Taurus women tend to put their hearts and the needs of others first while the men will go for success first and then love. Sex is important to both the men and women, for it is the ultimate expression of love and it’s a validation of their self-worth. Taurus women can be pleasers, nurturers and very patient, too patient. The men who have chosen the path to riches may have lost their patience and become demanding without compassion. Both the men and women are stubborn, men more obviously so, while the women can take a more passive and manipulative approach. Remember, when a bull doesn’t want to listen, they don’t and it doesn’t matter what gender they are.

Personal Challenge: The Taurus challenge is to discover their truth and stand by it in spite of the disapproval of others. To accomplish this, the Taurus must value their own truth above their need for approval. It’s an important step toward maturity and real strength.

Talents & Gifts: Taureans are good with money and finance and do well on Wall Street. In contrast they are very connected to nature and the earth and can make almost any garden grow. Whatever they love blossoms, so their true mission is to find their passion. Ruled by Venus, they have an innate sense of beauty and personal style. A lover of the arts, they are good at anything that allows them to express their emotions. Attached to their possessions, they are natural collectors and lovers of antiques and vintage ware. They have strong nurturing instincts, and love to help others who need stability to grow. The danger is that they will become the strength for someone else at the expense of themselves.

Negative Personality Traits of A Taurus: If the Taurus child does not receive enough love when it is developing, then it will believe it doesn’t deserve love, and the focus of its existence will be on success and acquiring possessions. If this is the choice, then the ability to compromise or please others will disappear. However, if the Taurus chooses to make others more important than itself, then they will feel alone and empty because chances are they will give that love to a selfish person unable to return the gifts that are given.

Women’s Fashion: Taureans have style and can take a simple uniform and make it their own. Obsessed with comfort and luxury; what’s important to them is texture and the sensual way things feel. Within their wardrobe are velvets, silks and cashmeres as well as soft, buttery leathers. Seldom a victim of the fads, they want to be different. Capable of being both frugal and outrageously extravagant, their solution is often to buy quality items at a bargain price. Natural collectors, they love vintage clothes and neutral colors -- earth tones are one of their favoritesFor a Taurus, the throat is a focal point, and so accessories that draw attention to this area are often worn: chokers, necklaces or scarves. Fashion Icons: Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Janet Jackson.

Men’s Fashion: A Taurus man knows quality and how a fabric feels against his skin – nothing rough for this earth sign. Don’t be surprised if your Taurus man wears silk underwear. Both frugal and extravagant, whichever way they go will be done in extreme. This earth sign is a classic dresser but knows how to add his own unique style. They love natural colors that ground them and when they like a piece of clothing, it's in their wardrobe forever. Shoes are important and they must be well-made and fit to perfection – it's their link to the earth. Men in Fashion: Robert Pattinson, George Clooney, David Beckham

Personal Growth & Spirituality: Taureans are both practical and instinctual and sometimes their need for security and certainty makes them dismiss their spiritual side. Pisces, the sign of spirituality, rules their eleventh house of friends. They are attracted to relationships that are spiritual in nature, to friends that have a touch of mystery and a lot of faith. This is how they learn to trust these things in themselves.

Career & Goals: Determined, patient, honest, and methodical, they are excellent team members and extremely dependable. When they lack faith, they can give into their desire for safety and guarantees, picking jobs for their benefits, vacation time and salary, rather than for their passion. Taureans love beauty and often find themselves in the arts, or in professions that make others beautiful, like beauticians, hair stylists, fashion designers -- anything creative. They love luxury, food, gardening, and many have beautiful voices. They do well as singers, announcers or public speakers. All Taurus have a love of money, so the field of finance is a big possibility.

Best careers: Computer programmer, technician, patron of the arts, educator, hair stylist, engineer, lawyer, designer, landscaper, chef, entertainer and stylist.

Careers to avoid: Any job that involves taking too much financial risk.

Relationships: With Scorpio ruling the 7th house of relationships, the Taurus is attracted to a very strong person, someone who knows who he or she is and what they want from life. A partner with confidence is well appreciated and makes them feel safe and secure. Of course, they could choose a relationship that they have to heal, someone who has been deprived of love and now they will change that person’s life. Not always the best choice, because if they do a good job their partner will grow and eventually not need them and so they won’t feel loved even if they are. Taurus loves beauty and the physical body, and so they could easily be swayed by the appearance of a partner -being in shape is a turn-on. However, it is their need for unconditional love that truly drives them, but they are not always wise in choosing the right person to accomplish this goal.



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